Maintenance Services
KVA provides an assortment of maintenance related services
Periodic maintenance:
KVA technicians will come to your plant, perform the prescribed maintenance and have the machine back up before leaving.
Disassemble and clean secondary.
Check for proper coolant flow.
Examine electrical secondary for worn or defective insulation.

At our shop we can:
Completely disassemble your machine.
Repair or replace any worn or defective parts.
Meg the transformer.
Install new control, water system and pneumatic system.
Reassemble machine and perform a small parts run-off.
Repair Services
KVA repairs all types of resistance welders. Rocker Press, Butt or Seam, we have the know-how to get your machine up and running ASAP. We can visit you plant and perform repairs on-site.
Why use KVA??
Repairs done right the first time.
Only the best components used in your repair.
All work is guaranteed.
Machine Set-up
What happens when your welder suddenly decides to start making bad welds? KVA will visit your plant with all the necessary equipment to get you back into production. We show you what schedule you should be using for your application, what the current settings are producing, and what changes need to be made to get you where you need to be. Our analysis gives you a print-out of amperage, voltage, and time. Further, we measure the force applied at the weld to ascertain that it is within parameters.
Tools used for repair/rebuild:
TAS-465 Oscilloscope
Biddle Major Megger
Miyachi MM326-B Weld Monitor
Darrah 2000 Volt SCR Tester
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