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Entron Controls

The EN1000 is a full featured, easy to use control.  Available in a wide variety of SCR and cabinet sizes.  The unit utilizes easy to use push buttons for a three step programming procedure.

  • Check out the EN1500 for dedicated seam welding applications. 
  • Click here for an easy to read print of EN1000 connections for rocker arm or press type spot welders. Entron's drawings are below in pdf format. 
  • The EN1000 is designed for use with any single phase welder.
  • The EN1001 (pictured) is a constant current control.  It may be configured for primary or secondary current monitoring.
  • The EN1000(x) is designed for Cascade operation.  Up to eight SCRs and eight valves may used.
  • The EN1003 is for three phase machines.


S Cabinet

E Cabinet

Key Features:
  • Cycle Modes
    • Non Repeat-one initiation=one weld
    • Repeat-weld schedule repeats till initiation is opened (up to 99 impulses)
    • Chained-weld operation moves through a sequence of schedules from one initiation
    • Successive-weld operation moves through a sequence of schedules with each new initiation
  • Slope Modes
    • Up Slope
    • Down Slope
    • No Slope
  • Extended Functions
    • Process Outputs
    • Error Outputs
    • Seam Mode (Continuous or intermittent)
    • Automatic Voltage Compensation, ±20% of nominal line
    • Automatic Power Factor Equalization
    • Dual Palm Button Anti-Tie Down Inputs
    • Retraction Output
  • Standard RWMA Functions
    • Quench/temper
    • Pulsation Sequence
    • Multi-Weld Count/Multi-Current Select
    • Pre-Heat/Post-Heat
    • Forge Delay
    • Up Slope/Down Slope
    • Seam Weld
  EN1000 EN1001 EN1000(x) EN1003
No of Schedules 50 50 100 50
No. of Valve Outputs 3 3 8 3
SCR 300A/1200A/1800A/2200A
Supply Voltage 240/480 VAC
Safety Features Electronic Door Interlock S and E Cabinet.
Vault Locking Mechanism D & T Cabinet.
D and T Cabinet 24" H X 25.357" W X 10" D"
E Cabinet 21" H X 8.75 W X 16.5 D
S Cabinet 8.75" H X 8.75" W X 16.5" D
Options (Not all options with all controls.)
  • Ground Fault
  • Half Cycle
  • Pressure Control System
  • Remote Data Entry
  • RS232 with EN Link
  • Schedule Select
  • Larger Cabinets for Cascade Controls
  • 100/200/400/600/800 Amp Circuit Breakers


Manuals currently available for Entron controls (Flash Paper format):  
Instruction Manual EN1000/EN1001 700120H
Instruciton Manual EN1000/EN1001 Cascade Multi-Valve 700194C
Instruction Manual EN1501 700151
Addendum to 700120D (refers to EN1001 only) 700175E
Instruction Manual EN2000 700121D
Using Multiple 2 Stage Foot Switches 700118A
EN1000 S Cabinet 412180x

EN1000 D, T, LS, LF Cabinet



D and T Cabinet


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